Quarterly Masterclass - Achieving strategic agility in the short-term and long-term: A case method workshop

We are excited to have the Agile Research Network (ARN) join us for this workshop. The focus of this workshop is on exploring a real-life case study and engaging collaboratively within two breakout groups to solve an agility challenge.

The workshop will be facilitated and guided by the principles of the case method pioneered at the Harvard Business School.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance your problem-solving skills 
  • Thought-provoking discussion with peers
  • Gain insights into a real-life scenario

Overall, this workshop promises to be a valuable learning experience for participants looking to enhance their problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Please note: This event will not be recorded and will be run in accordance with the Chatham House Rule 


In Partnership and collaboration with the Agile Research Network

Masterclasses are 2-hour workshops, designed for Professional Level members to hear from experts in business agility, share their own experiences and network in breakout groups. We source experts to discuss topics that Professional Level members are interested in, so please email [email protected] if you’d like to make a request. We also choose speakers based on our Competency Framework, to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that helps you take your practice to the next level. 

Learning objectives 

Masterclasses are designed to provide CPD that you can apply to your practice. Instead of passive learning, attendees are encouraged to get involved with discussion, share ideas and collect suggestions on handling the challenges of agile practices. Small breakout groups provide a space to problem-solve issues less publicly, with a group of people who understand agility.    

Peggy Gregory

Peggy Gregory

Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow

Peggy Gregory is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at the University of Glasgow. She came into academia from a role in industry as IT manager. She researches software engineering practice, with a focus on agile approaches and the social and ethical impact of technology. Current research topics include transformation, competencies & leadership, sustainability, and resilience. She is a founder member of the Agile Research Network, a research group who undertake practice-focused research into agility and make their findings accessible to practitioners. 
Helen Sharp

Helen Sharp

Professor of Software Engineering, Open University, UK

Helen Sharp is Professor of Software Engineering at the Open University, UK. Her research investigates professional software practice with a focus on human and social aspects of software development and she has been studying agile practice since 2000. Sharp has led multi-disciplinary research projects into software practice with partners in the UK and abroad, and conducts her research exclusively in-situ with software practitioners in their industrial context. Sharp is joint author of one of the leading HCI textbooks, Interaction Design now in its 6th edition. 

Advait Deshpande

Lecturer in Computing and Communications, The Open University

Advait Deshpande is a Lecturer in Computing and Communications at The Open University. The main focus of his work is information and communication technologies, their impacts on various stakeholders, and business practices that shape their development and deployment.



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