Watch our latest webinars and events focusing on business agility.


Agile Business Conference 2024


Video Series 


Agile Business Conference 2024

Watch case studies from the Agile Business Conference 2024.

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Agile Business Awards 2023 Case Studies

The Agile Business Awards offered the opportunity for organisations to be recognised for excellence.


Awards Sponsor Interviews

Listen to our exciting interviews as we speak to the sponsors of the Agile Business Awards 2023.

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Bitesize How To... Series

Our Bitesize How To... series explores different business agility areas in under an hour.

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Agile Procurement Series

Video series between Mirko Kleiner and David Kershaw (thought leaders in Agile Procurement) and the Agile Business Consortium.

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Bitesize Agility Series

Our Bitesize Agility series offers 10-minute snapshots from industry specialists and leaders.

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Coffee Break Series

JCURV and the Agile Business Consortium have partnered up to bring a series of ‘Coffee Break’ conversations straight to your home.

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Agile Business Conference 2021

In 2021 we hosted our annual conference where we focused on the future of work, the agile mindset, sustainability, and business agility.

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Other Resources 

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White Papers

Discover the latest research in business agility with our large selection of white papers.

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Case Studies

Read our latest case studies of how people have used business agility within their organisations.

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Watch our latest webinars and events focusing on business agility.

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Business Agility Toolkit

A suite of tools designed to support individuals, teams, and organisations on their agile journey.

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Read online our collection of business agility handbooks and pocketbooks.

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Read about recent events, community news and the latest agile trends.

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To use in your business agility projects.

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Bitesize Guides

An introduction to key business agility practices.