Catalyst - Contextually Helping Others


What is Business Agility Catalyst?

An evidence-based way to prove your extensive knowledge, experience, and practice across a number of competencies including how you positively influence others. It is a way to showcase your abilities in the development, support, and empowerment of others. Your employer, future employer or possible clients will know you have a great deal of practical experience of working in a range of complex situations, can consistently deliver value and can develop others to do the same.

At this level, your expertise in business agility will be recognised by those around you in a working environment. You may be a senior manager leading groups of teams within an organisation or working to specialise in the training or coaching of others. You will be able to apply and adapt your knowledge effectively in unfamiliar situations in the context of business agility and understand different perspectives and frameworks related to business agility and the reasoning behind them.



Who is Business Agility Catalyst for?

  • Experienced practitioners working in an organisation of any size, or in any sector, or industry
  • Experienced practitioners who can showcase a growing range of good practice and delivery in agility of thinking and working
  • Experienced practitioners who are working across multiple teams and want to evidence their growing leadership skills
  • Experienced practitioners who demonstrate their training and coaching abilities


Why is Business Agility Catalyst important to you?

  • It proves to your employer, potential employer, or clients that you can deliver excellent results in difficult environments and have the ability to develop others. You can showcase your own wide-ranging practical experience and knowledge of business agility, using your training and/or coaching skills to ensure others also understand
  • It connects you to a support network of like-minded professionals where you can develop your thought-leadership skills to help advance the field of business agility
  • It gives you the visibility, recognition, and credibility as a valuable professional in the field of business agility

Achieving this competency level will allow you to:

  • Apply knowledge effectively in unfamiliar situations relating to business agility
  • Understand different perspectives and frameworks relating to business agility including the rationale behind them
  • Coach and/or train agile frameworks in context
  • Perform an extensive range and variety of complex technical and/or professional work
  • Undertake work which requires the application of fundamental principles related to business agility in a wide and often unpredictable range of contexts
  • Select appropriately from agile principles, frameworks and tools
  • Review and reflect on how effective agile approaches and actions have been
  • Build and develop effective teams, working in an agile environment
  • Maintain an awareness of developing agile practices and their application and take responsibility for driving your own development



What do you need to do?

To be recognised at this level, you will need to be able to provide evidence of practice across the Catalyst competencies. The application process has two-parts:

  • Part 1, you are asked to reflect on your own practice to include your beliefs and feelings and identification of issues and challenges, including the impact on outcomes and people, and what you have learnt.
  • Part 2, following successful completion of Part 1, you will be asked to attend an online interview to explore your practical experience, your application of that experience and how you help develop others.

To move from Catalyst to Thought Leader, you should focus on your own original thoughts and the application of your experience in developing business agility in your own field and/or organisation. Please remember that maintaining your professional status includes following our Continuing Professional Development Process.



Ready? What next?

Start the application process. You’ll be asked a number of questions about your knowledge, practice, and experience so far. Your answers will be used to indicate your current professional level.  

Once you start your application, you have 14 days to complete the process. If you don’t submit before the deadline, you’ll need to restart the process. You’ll need to do the following to successfully complete your application: 

  • Complete the payment process 

  • Create an account with your name and email address 

  • Provide information about your business agility knowledge, your experience of working in an agile way, and what you have learnt 

  • Agree to our Code of Practice and to undertake Continuing Professional Development

Once your application has been assessed, we will contact you.



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