Business Agility Toolkit

The Business Agility Toolkit is a suite of tools to help support individuals, teams and leadership become more agile in delivering the business goals of their organisation. Focusing on core elements of Culture, Collaboration  & Leadership, the toolkit helps you pay attention to what's likely to get positive traction for your organisation's business goals, directing you towards the easy wins first.

Strategically, leadership teams understand the business imperative of being able to adapt and change with very little warning. However, how does a leadership team guide and nurture their organisation to enable operating groups to collaborate in an open and transparent way? The toolkit provides the foundations of doing just that, helping your organisation run agile effectively.

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In an agile business culture, uncertainty can be handled more efficiently by a team that is naturally more adaptive, flexible and innovative.

Agile Culture Development Matrix

We have defined seven elements of agile culture DNA and developed the free Agile Culture Development Matrix, which describes five levels of agility for each of the seven elements.

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The Agile Culture Pulse Survey

The Agile Culture Pulse Survey is a simple free tool that shows where your team sits for each of the seven elements of Agile Culture DNA (in under 10 minutes). We can then recommend a set of actions that you may take to help improve your organisation's agile culture.







Collaboration and working in groups and teams is a key skill for today’s agile workplace.

Organisations that have realised the power of extending agile practices, or wanting to introduce an agile culture may struggle to bring this about if individuals do not have the language to explore effectively what collaboration actually is.


The getCollaborating tool is a simple free tool that takes less than 15 minutes to complete and shows you where your team sits for each of the six zones of collaboration. We can then recommend a set of actions that you may take to help improve collaboration within your organisation.






In order to be effective in running an agile business, it is important leaders understand their own practices and journey in business agility. 

Nine Principles of Agile Leadership

Being aware of what skills leaders need to be effective helps organisations meet their business goals quicker and more efficiently.


Agile Leadership Profile

The Agile Leadership Profile, is a simple free tool that provides managers the insight in mindset and right shifting, inspired by the Marshall model. In under 10 minutes, you can see where you are in your journey to agile improvement. We can then recommend a set of actions that you may take to help improve you and your organisation’s agile leadership.


Other resources 

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White Papers

The latest research in business agility

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Case Studies

Stories of how others have used business agility

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Our webinars and events on business agility

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Business Agility Toolkit

A suite of tools to help support individuals and teams to become more agile and help deliver business goals

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Our collection of business agility books, only available to our members

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Read about recent events, community news and the latest agile trends.

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