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White Papers

Discover the latest research in business agility with our large selection of white papers.

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Case Studies

Read our latest case studies of how people have used business agility within their organisations.

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Watch our latest webinars and events focusing on business agility.

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Business Agility Toolkit

A suite of tools designed to support individuals, teams, and organisations on their agile journey.



Discover upcoming business agility events.

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Read online our collection of business agility handbooks and pocketbooks.

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Read about recent events, community news and the latest agile trends.

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To use in your business agility projects.

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Bitesize Guides

An introduction to key business agility practices.




Agile2024 European Experience

See the bigger agility picture this July


24-26 July 2024 | Manchester, UK


25+ talks and workshops covering everything from sustainability and culture to innovation and inclusion.


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