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Applications to be submitted is December 4, 2023


Why Apply?

The Agile Business Awards aim to shine a light on the good practices that are changing the world of work – across the whole spectrum of business agility.

By applying, you will receive:

  • Feedback report from an independent panel of expert reviewers
  • A chance to tell your story at the Agile Business Conference
  • Receive recognition and acknowledgement as an outstanding organisation
  • Be part of a new style of Conference that’s changing the way we work

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Entry Categories

If you would like others to know how you’ve been changing the way you work in your organisation, you can apply for a prestigious Agile Business Award. It’s a rigorous process, but the gains are great!

Choose 1 of 4 entry categories:

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In these LIVE sessions, we’ll answer your queries and explain how our awards application process helps you to tell your organisation’s story.

  • 9 October - How to be a part of the action!
  • 13 November - How to be a part of the action!

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Application Support

For support with your application, please refer to the Award Application Guidance PDF and the Award Application Word Template.

Your completed application will be assessed by an independent panel of expert reviewers. ALL applicants will receive an extensive feedback report, regardless of whether they are selected for an Award. Successful applicants are invited to speak at the Agile Business Conference. A conference filled with the latest best practices in business agility! Could you be a part of this and make a contribution that changes the world of work for others?

The deadline date for applications to be submitted is December 4, 2023.

Thinking of Applying?

Are you thinking of applying or currently working on your application? Let us know to stay in the loop.



Nominate an Organisation

Would you like to nominate an organisation and encourage them to enter? Please include their full contact details in the form below. We’ll ping them an email and let them know you’ve nominated them.

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Applicant FAQs 

Successful organisations receive:

  • Feedback report from an independent panel of expert reviewers
  • A chance to tell your story at the Agile Business Conference
  • Receive recognition and acknowledgement as an outstanding organisation
  • Be part of a new style of Conference that’s changing the way we work

This is a great opportunity to receive public recognition and publicity around your achievements and to present at the Agile Business Conference. A badge, certificate, trophy and kudos will be awarded along with the recognition. There is no cash prize.

Registration for 2024 is now open, you can express your interest, nominate an organisation or apply.

The deadline for awards applications is 4th December 2023.

Successful organisations will be contacted the week commencing 29th January 2024 and invited to speak at the Agile Business Conference 17-18th April 2024.

The Agile Business Conference will be delivered live. Recorded sessions will be used as needed to account for the variance in time zones.

  • Organisations intentionally aligning to agile principles, values and practices in HR, Marketing, Finance or Overall Business Agility
  • Membership of, or affiliation to, the Agile Business Consortium is not required 
  • Organisations also entering other categories of these awards 
  • Organisations may nominate themselves or others to enter

  • Organisations supporting the awards are not eligible to enter the category they are supporting, although they can nominate others 
  • Third parties representing an organisation are not permitted  
  • Agencies, consultancies and providers of agile services are not eligible to apply for the 2024 awards. However they are encouraged to nominate and support clients to apply
  • Organisations or divisions that have applied and been selected for an Award in the past 3 years.
    Please note: where an application has not been successful, the applicant is welcome to reapply in subsequent years. Where the application has been successful, they may not reapply in the same category. Different divisions or departments, or different Awards categories will be regarded as fresh and eligible applications.

Successful organisations will be recognised for excellence in the category for which they have applied. There are currently no categories exclusively dedicated to individual excellence, although this can be covered in an organisation’s entry.

The review panel’s assessment will be based on the Framework for Business Agility. The application therefore has to:

  • Describe what has been achieved in the areas of the Framework for Business Agility
  • Provide evidence (including screen-grabs, verbatim quotes, pictures) which can be uploaded to support the story 

Download the Application guidance document

There are four awards categories this year: 

  1. Agility in Finance, Procurement​ & Contracts
  2. Agility in HR​ 
  3. Agility in Marketing
  4. Overall Business Agility

The Agile Business Consortium reserves the right to move applications to a different category.

We aim to select 12 winners; outstanding organisations that provide examples of excellence across all the categories.

Every entry will be reviewed by three independent reviewers. Each reviewer will be given a list of applicant names, before submissions are sent to them, to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Yes, these awards are designed to shine a light on great practices within functional divisions as well as across a whole enterprise.

The overall list of reviewers will be made public after all submissions have been received, 4th December 2023.

Just know they are knowledge experts in that field, and you will want to impress them!

No, not on this occasion! We want to stay as inclusive as possible and choosing a location will exclude many. Virtually, we can reach you all, and without the stress of travelling!

If you would like to opt into a physical meet, please let us know and we can consider this for alternative events and opportunities.

We’d like to emphasise this isn’t a competition, it’s an opportunity to congratulate one another on how far we’ve come. We are unable to share direct information about others who have applied. Should you wish to apply, you can be sure of high level of privacy around the details you will share.