Professional Level 2

Practising - Understanding and Using


What is Business Agility Professional Level 2?

An evidence-based way to prove your knowledge, experience, and practice across a number of competencies.  Your employer or future employer will know you have practical experience of working in a range of complicated situations and can deliver value.

At this level you will be taking more confident steps in your professional journey in business agility. You may be a first-time team leader or similar, or someone taking a new position of responsibility in an agile team. You will have basic knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and ideas related to business agility. You will be able to reinforce your knowledge by applying it to straightforward problems.



Who is Business Agility Professional Level 2 for?

  • Practitioners working in an organisation of any size, or in any sector, or industry
  • Practitioners who are gaining confidence in agility of thinking and working
  • Practitioners moving into team leadership roles


Why is Business Agility Professional Level 2 important to you?

  • It proves to your employer or potential employer that you have good team-based experience of working in an agile environment, showcasing your practical experience as well as knowledge of business agility
  • It connects you to a support network of like-minded professionals where you can share your experiences and learn from others
  • It gives you everything you need to continually improve and grow as an individual with ongoing evidence of your professionalism

Achieving this competency level will allow you to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of a range of facts, procedures and ideas related to business agility
  • Apply generic agile knowledge to solve straightforward problems
  • Contribute to route issue resolution using agile techniques
  • Plan, schedule and monitor work in an agile environment
  • Use basic agile frameworks, tools, and processes
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Timebox and prioritise your work competently
  • Identify your own development opportunities in business agility



What do you need to do?

To be recognised at this level, you will need to be able to

  • Provide evidence of practice across the Level 2 competencies by completing our automated application process.
  • Reflect on your own practice to include how you have increased your business agility knowledge, how you use agile techniques in your work to improve team performance and how you deal with the challenges of collaborating with many stakeholders.

To move from Level 2 to Level 3, you need to have considerable experience working in various teams across a range of complex situations to build your agile team leadership experience. Please remember that maintaining your professional status includes following our Continuing Professional Development Process.



Ready? What next?

Start the application process. You’ll be asked a number of questions about your knowledge, practice, and experience so far. Your answers will be used to indicate your current professional level.  

Once you start your application, you have 14 days to complete the process. If you don’t submit before the deadline, you’ll need to restart the process. You’ll need to do the following to successfully complete your application: 

  • Complete the payment process

  • Create an account with your name and email address 

  • Provide information about your business agility knowledge, your experience of working in an agile way, and what you have learnt 

  • Agree to our Code of Practice and to undertake Continuing Professional Development

Here is an example of reflective writing at Professional Level 2.

Once your application has been assessed, we will contact you.



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