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Free Access to Courses Developed by Industry Experts

Agile Business Learning (part of the Agile Business Consortium) are thrilled to introduce the beta launch of our brand-new Learning Experience Platform. Create an account to gain access to the beta versions of courses designed to propel your learning and professional development.

Available Courses

Managing your time effectivel Thumbnail.png

Managing Your Time Effectively

Understand the importance of time management, the principles of prioritisation, and the application of these concepts in an agile business environment.

Understanding Agile Learning Thumbnail.png 1

Understanding Agile Learning

Understand how a learning environment can help maximise your personal and professional growth.

Understanding an Agile Culture Thumbnail.png

Understanding an Agile Culture

Understand different aspects of culture, what it means to an organisation and what it means to you.

Video Cover - Exploring Agile Leadership.png

Exploring Agile Leadership

Explore and understand how agile leadership is a journey that evolves over time.

These beta versions are Explorer (Professional Level 1) courses based on our competency framework and are ideal for those new to business agility. Stay tuned to see more courses released aimed at varying competency levels. 

Benefits of Courses from Agile Business Learning:

Open Access:

No additional course fees! Courses currently on our learing experience platform are available to all.

Tailored to Business Agility:

Our courses are designed to provide insights applicable to any profession.

Self-Paced & Online:

Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Developed by Industry Experts:

Our courses are developed by industry experts, ensuring that you can learn from their experience.

Endorsed by the Professional Body for Business Agility:

As the Professional Body for Business Agility, our courses are in line with our professional competencies helping you progress in your professional journey.

Championing the power of Business Agility in the world

We're on a mission to democratise learning in the realm of business agility. Expect to see an ever-expanding list of courses available to all. We're not just stopping at the initial three courses; our vision is to continually create valuable, industry-leading content for you delivered by experts.


A product such as this requires the insight, inspiration, knowledge, passion, and plain hard work and effort from a lot of people. The Agile Business Consortium would like to particularly thank Maher Hasan, Katie Taylor, Niamh Trundle, Debbie Willis, and Rod Willis for making this happen. We also recognise the great contributions from our content writers, and reviewers, together with the technical experts, learning designers and the support team from the platform providers. We hope you enjoy using our Learner Experience Platform, that you find it useful and educational, and we always welcome any feedback from you. [email protected]