Code of Practice

The values by which we, our partners, and our community abide to enable our shared agile philosophy to flourish


Our Code of Practice

The Agile Business Consortium brings together a diverse network of organisations, professions, and individuals to support our goal of making the world of work better by advancing business agility worldwide. Our code of practice seeks to unify and align our participants to this aim, and to ensure that the Consortium remains a place for openness, collaboration and equality.

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Act in the best interest of organisation, customer, client, partner

  • Not gaining personal advantage from sensitive or confidential data
  • Work in a way that supports our organisation's objectives and reputation
  • Develop confidence and relationships through trust and respect
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Positively impact society

  • Equality in diversity, inclusion and opportunity
  • Consider the needs of all stakeholders
  • Challenge behaviour not in line with these values
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Develop knowledge and competence with CPD

  • Pursue excellence
  • Continue to develop personal knowledge and capability
  • Know when to seek help
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Respect for all

  • Lead by example - support and help develop others
  • Respect physical and mental wellbeing
  • Encourage and recognise achievement
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Open, honest, and trustworthy behaviours

  • Be responsible and accountable for actions
  • Behave with personal integrity
  • Be truthful and transparent in communications
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations
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Uphold values and reputation with our professional body

  • Promote our values and Code of Practice
  • Maintain our values and Code of Practice
  • Comply with reasonable requests from us





Our Values

The Agile Business Consortium is an independent not-for-profit professional body dedicated to making the world of work better by advancing business agility worldwide. Our standards and behaviours include: 

  • Innovation and learning over the status quo
  • Collaboration and autonomy over hierarchical control
  • Inspiring leadership over conservative management
  • Customer focus over self interest



Agnostic Agile

The Agile Business Consortium has signed up to Agnostic Agile, a movement that recognises the importance of being agnostic when it comes to agility and that strives to help you attain agility without being locked in to one way of working. This is not trivial in today’s world dominated by frameworks or canned methods.

Further to our own core Code of Practice, we are also committed to upholding the 12 principles of Agnostic Agile.



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