Professional Masterclass Q2 - Transforming Agile Leadership with Coaching Cultures

Join us for an immersive Masterclass led by Philippe Guenet, where we'll explore the power of Coaching Cultures in driving transformation to business Agility within organisations.

Who Should Attend:

This Masterclass is designed for Agile coaches, practitioners, organisational and team leaders, and team members seeking to elevate their transformation efforts through Coaching Cultures.


Limited spots available! Reserve your seat now to embark on the next level of Agile transformation.

What to Expect

After several decades of Agile change, many organisations find themselves at a junction. They've gone as far as their System would go. Yet, many will feel like there's so much more still to do, 

  • Where next for your transformation efforts?
  • What if the inertia of systems had nothing to do with the validity of the change and all to do with how we went about it?
  • What if we started by building engagement, ownership, and leadership before discussing solutions?
  • What if we brought in Coaching Cultures to the change?

The good news is that it is not too late! This workshop will help you understand professional coaching competencies and try them for yourself.

  • What can happen when you bring such competencies into everyday situations and everyday relationships?
  • Can it unleash the next level of change?

Coaching's not reserved only for Coaches. Let’s explore how you can improve your leadership with Coaching Cultures, whether you are an Agile coach, a practitioner, an organisational or team leader, or a team member.


  • Setting up the scene of Agile challenges and how to progress to Business Agility
  • Exploring Coaching Cultures and how they can enable the next progress
  • Exploring for yourself the heart of coaching competencies and how they can improve your leadership
  • Experiencing coaching as a coach and a coachee through a practical exercise
  • Shifting from the individual experience to the collective experience and envisioning how to take change efforts to the next level

Learning Outcomes:

  • Reflect on approaches to effective change
  • Reflect on your leadership, whether a leader, an Agile coach, a team member, etc
  • Understand the heart of coaching competencies that make coaching cultures
  • Open new personal development possibilities using those competencies
  • Open new pathways for change towards Business Agility

* Please note that this masterclass will be a coaching workshop and use active engagement and participation in breakout rooms. Please expect to be present and engage in discussion when you sign-up for the workshop.

We are running this workshop in connection with the Coaching Cultures series of the International Coaching Federation UK Chapter, which runs from April 30 to July 9.


Philippe Guenet

Philippe Guenet

Independent Professional Change Coach