How do Agile approaches help you respond effectively in an unpredictable and rapidly evolving world?

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The world in which we live and work is complex, unpredictable, and constantly evolving due to technological changes and evolutions. 

However, while this uncertainty is challenging, organisations who embrace Agile can harness the opportunities it will provide them. As Agile enables individuals and organisations to adapt quickly, innovate faster, increase efficiency, and improve communication and collaboration.

But what is Agile? How does it help individuals and organisations respond to uncertainty? Are there specific projects, programmes, initiatives, and strategies that Agile approaches are most suitable for? How does it differ from other methodologies and frameworks? What are the benefits for individuals and organisations?

Join our representatives from the Agile Business Consortium, and ILX on Tuesday 5 December from 11:00 to 12:00 (GMT) to find out!

As well as answering these important questions, our speakers will also discuss some core skills that are required for individuals and organisations to learn, develop, and embed in order to successfully respond, including:

• Collaboration 
• Emotional Intelligence 
• Leadership 
• Adaptability 
• Strategic thinking
• Business Agility 

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