Understanding the Agile Culture Pulse Survey

Find out how to use the free tool to help improve your organisation's agile culture.


Agile Culture Pulse Survey

The Agile Culture Pulse Survey is a tool developed by the Agile Business Consortium that is focused on helping individuals and teams assess the state of their organisation's agile culture. In an agile business culture, uncertainty can be handled more efficiently by a team that is naturally more adaptable, flexible and innovative.

Agile Culture Development Matrix

We have defined seven elements of Agile Culture DNA and developed the free Agile Culture Development Matrix, which describes the five levels of agility for each of the seven elements. The Agile Culture Pulse Survey shows you where your team sits for each of the seven elements.


How it works

Step 1 - Complete the free Agile Culture Pulse Survey online

Invest 10 minutes in completing the free pulse survey, where you will be asked a series of questions about your view of the culture of your organisation. You will be rewarded with a unique report providing insight into the level of cultural agility in your organisation, highlighting areas in which you might excel and others that might require some attention.



Step 2 - Speak to us

If the insights in the report pique your interest, you have any questions or you want to explore potential next steps, why not arrange an exploratory call with one of our team?





Further steps

Group survey and report

One person's view of the organisation can be revealing. But what if you were able to survey a larger group or even the whole organisation anonymously, receiving a unique consolidated report? We are able to support this through what we call “project codes”. We will provide you with a unique URL which you can share with a group of any size. Once completed, we will generate a consolidated report that can provide rich and invaluable insights for your organisation.

Please contact us to discuss options and prices.

Facilitated Workshops

We can support you and your organisation by facilitating interactive workshops exploring the results from either the individual or the consolidated group reports. We have found this particularly effective with senior leadership and executive teams.

Please contact us to discuss options and prices.

Consultancy, coaching and facilitation

If you are an Agile consultant or coach looking to use the tool with your clients please contact us to discuss how we can best support you.

Please contact us to discuss options and prices.


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