Understanding the Agile Culture Pulse Survey

Find out how to use the free tool to help improve your organisation's agile culture.


Agile Culture Pulse Survey

The Agile Culture Pulse Survey is a tool developed by the Agile Business Consortium that is focused on helping individuals and teams assess the state of their organisation's agile culture. In an agile business culture, uncertainty can be handled more efficiently by a team that is naturally more adaptable, flexible and innovative.

Agile Culture Development Matrix

We have defined seven elements of Agile Culture DNA and developed the free Agile Culture Development Matrix, which describes the five levels of agility for each of the seven elements. The Agile Culture Pulse Survey shows you where your team sits for each of the seven elements.


How it works

Level 1 - Complete the free Agile Culture Pulse Survey online

Invest 10 minutes to complete the pulse survey for free. Our fully automated workflow helps individuals create a personalised report that is benchmarked against the Agile Culture Development Matrix transformation levels. You can then interpret the data and see our recommendations to what actions you can take against them. You can do this individually or as a whole organisation.



Level 2 - 1 Hour Facilitated Intervention

Now that you have your Pulse Report, we can help you interpret your results further through a 1 hour facilitated feedback session. We help your team review together how their organisation scores against the Transformation Levels with trained agile coaches. The session ensures a common understanding of how to 'interpret' the Pulse Report, thereby improving communication.
Price: £400



Level 3 - Half-Day Facilitated Workshop

Our trained agile coaches work with you and your team in a half-day workshop to review together how your organisation scores against the Transformation Levels of the Agile Culture Development Matrix. We then produce follow-on actions as a team to commit to. This helps develop best Agile Business practice and maps your organisation's journey to Agile Culture maturity.
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Level 4 - Full day Facilitators Masterclass

You can take control of the state of your organisation's agile culture by taking part in our masterclass to facilitate interventions yourself. The masterclass will provide a full set of material with training and support to allow coaches, trainers or consultants to use exclusively and without limit with their own clients or employer. Trained by our expert agile coaches in a full day masterclass, you can take your facilitation skills to a new level with the power of The Pulse Survey.
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