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We have put together a list of questions and answers regarding the Agile Business Awards & Conference 2024.

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FAQ for Applicants

Applying for the Agile Business Awards 2024:

Successful organisations receive:

  • Feedback report from an independent panel of expert reviewers
  • A chance to tell your story at the Agile Business Conference
  • Receive recognition and acknowledgement as an outstanding organisation
  • Be part of a new style of Conference that’s changing the way we work

This is a great opportunity to receive public recognition and publicity around your achievements and to present at the Agile Business Conference. A badge, certificate and kudos will be awarded along with the recognition. There is no cash prize.

The deadline for awards applications is 4th December 2023.

Successful organisations will be contacted the week commencing 29th January 2024 and invited to speak at the Agile Business Conference 17-18th April 2024.

The Agile Business Conference will be delivered live. Recorded sessions will be used as needed to account for the variance in time zones.

All our Award Winners are invited to speak at the Agile Business Conference, and we will record those talks and add them to the Agile Business Consortium website. These videos will be available to anyone visiting our website. We may also use the content of your talk, appropriately attributed, within other resources and case studies published by the Consortium.

Successful organisations will be recognised for excellence in the category for which they have applied. There are currently no categories exclusively dedicated to individual excellence, although this can be covered in an organisation’s entry.

The review panel’s assessment will be based on the Framework for Business Agility. The application therefore has to:

  • Describe what has been achieved in the areas of the Framework for Business Agility
  • Provide evidence (including screen-grabs, verbatim quotes, pictures) which can be uploaded to support the story 

Download the Application guidance document

There are four awards categories this year: 

  1. Agility in Finance, Procurement​ & Contracts
  2. Agility in HR​ 
  3. Agility in Marketing
  4. Overall Business Agility

The Agile Business Consortium reserves the right to move applications to a different category.

We aim to select 12 winners; outstanding organisations that provide examples of excellence across all the categories.

Every entry will be reviewed by three independent reviewers. Each reviewer will be given a list of applicant names, before submissions are sent to them, to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Yes, these awards are designed to shine a light on great practices within functional divisions as well as across a whole enterprise.

The overall list of reviewers will be made public after all submissions have been received, 4th December 2023.

Just know they are knowledge experts in that field, and you will want to impress them!

No, not on this occasion! We want to stay as inclusive as possible and choosing a location will exclude many. Virtually, we can reach you all, and without the stress of travelling!

If you would like to opt into a physical meet, please let us know and we can consider this for alternative events and opportunities.

Award entries will be assessed by an independent panel of experts within the broad perspective of the Framework for Business Agility.

Who can enter or nominate:

  • Organisations intentionally aligning their marketing to agile principles and practices
  • Organisations including marketing in a wider agile transformation
  • Organisations applying agility only within marketing
  • Membership of, or affiliation with, the Agile Business Consortium is not required
  • Organisations also entering other categories of these awards
  • Organisations may nominate themselves to enter
  • Organisations sponsoring an award category may nominate other organisations for that category

Who cannot enter:

  • Organisations sponsoring an award category
  • Third parties representing an organisation
  • Organisations or divisions that have applied successfully within the past 3 years
  • Consultancies and those providing services related to agile working

We’d like to emphasise this isn’t a competition, it’s an opportunity to congratulate one another on how far we’ve come. We are unable to share direct information about others who have applied. Should you wish to apply, you can be sure of high level of privacy around the details you will share.


FAQ for Reviewers

You can raise your professional profile and gain recognition for making a positive contribution to advancing business agility. Be part of the growing community of Business Agility experts. There will be a whole host of learnings on offer, both from the entries themselves and the discussions with others on the review panel. You may also have the opportunity to host sessions during the live event, should you wish to.

As the professional body for business agility, we know it’s not all about qualifications! As a reviewer, it’s important you have good experience in the category you’re looking to review and a deep understanding of agile and business agility.

No. Due to conflict of interest, you are unable to both apply and review.

Before receiving applications for review, you will be sent a list of applicant organisation names. This is so that no reviewer will evaluate entries from organisations with whom they have, or have had, a relationship. Please let us know if this applies once you have received this list.

Register here and we’ll be sure to send you updates.

You will find out whether you are a successful reviewer when we have finalised the review panels. Please note, if you are not successful there will be other ways you can contribute to the awards and conference.

Dates to be aware of:  

  • 27th November – Webinar for all reviewers on the evaluation process for applications 
  • 4th December 22:00 GMT/UTC – Deadline for Awards applications
    Before receiving applications for review, you will be sent a list of applicant organisation names. This is so that no reviewer will evaluate entries from organisations with whom they have a relationship or potential conflict. Please let us know if this applies once you have received that list. 
  • 6th December – Before receiving applications for review, you will be sent a list of applicant organisation names. This is so that no reviewer will evaluate entries from organisations with whom they have a relationship or potential conflict. Please let us know if this applies once you have received that list. At this point, you will be asked to confirm you have no relationship with the applicants you are going to review.
  • 8th December – Date by which applications will be sent to you for review
  • 19th January 2024 22:00 GMT/UTC – Deadline for application reviews
  • 23rd/24th January TBC – Balancing reviewer panels per category
  • 29th January – Organisations will be informed whether they have been selected for awards and are invited to speak at the Awards Conference
  • 6th February – Public announcement of selected organisations for each category i.e., those that will be invited to present at the Awards Conference
  • 17-18th April – Agile Business Awards Conference

Reviewers will have 6 weeks to review. Note: dates may be open to minor changes, the period of December 8th – January 19th is fixed and will need the reviewer to be available for doing the review.

We strive for a maximum of 2 applications per reviewer. This will depend on the number of applications we receive and the number of reviewers we have on the review panel. Please be assured that our goal is for each reviewer not to be overloaded!

This will vary by application - we suggest to allow 8 hours of concentrated work and writing up of notes per application.

There will be two reviewer check-ins: Monday 18th September and 23rd October 2023
These sessions are optional to meet other reviewers, ask any questions about the process and guidance criteria.

Reviewer Training Webinar: Monday 27th November!
Weekly check-ins will be scheduled during the review period: 8th December - 19th January 2024

For support with the review process and criteria, please refer to the Award Reviewer Guidance PDF and the Award Reviewer Criteria. 

Reviewers will receive their Credly badge after the review process. The Credly badge is only given to those reviewers who have participated in the Awards review process.
Sharing the badge on LinkedIn can support your CV and profile.


FAQ for Supporters

Be part of the action during the Agile Business Awards process and at the Agile Business Conference when your organisation supports an award category.
This is a great opportunity to align your brand with excellence in a specific area. We’re looking for organisations whose values are aligned with the awards category they’re supporting. Your support will help to advance business agility worldwide, by highlighting excellence across business agility.

We are accepting supporting organisations on a ‘payment in kind’ basis. We are asking for your commitment to get involved and support these Awards and the Conference that results, so we can advance business agility worldwide.

We will showcase your logo, your organisation’s profile, and your bios. There will be opportunities for you to get involved in interviews, blogs and more.

Network with the other supporters and be part of the Business Agility Awards and Conference community, join the regular check-in calls, and access early insights

As a not-for-profit professional body, our aim is to advance business agility worldwide. For this reason, supporting is not about paying money, but is a commitment to get involved and support. We are looking for our supporters to make a positive contribution to the creation of a successful awards process and an Agile Business Conference that celebrates the achievement of the organisations selected.

We are asking supporters to support the awards, not only by attending the conference but in the following ways: (Please select 3 or more when applying)

  • Encourage your network to attend the Agile Business Conference
  • Support social posts for the hashtag #agilebusinessawards
  • Create your own social posts in support of the awards and the conference
  • Write/contribute a thought leader blog
  • Take part in an Interview/Podcast
  • Provide a 1 minute/30sec video clip on why these awards are important for advancing business agility worldwide
  • Become a reviewer
  • Offer to host sessions at the Conference (hosts will be selected according to experience and availability of spaces. There is no guarantee all supporters will host sessions.)

What details do supporters need to provide?

  • Organisation name
  • 50 word organisation description
  • Main contact name and email
  • Web URL
  • LinkedIn
  • Social tags & handles

  • Your logo will appear on the landing page for the award category you’re supporting
  • You will have a 50 word company profile on our website as an awards supporter
  • You will be mentioned in social media as a supporter
  • You may have the opportunity to take part as a session host in the Agile Business Conference itself (should you wish to do so)

Register your interest and we’ll be sure to send you updates.

Due to the potential conflict of interest, you would not be able to support an award you have applied for.


FAQ for Attendees

On the live days of our event, you will hear from successful agile organisations sharing their experiences, findings, challenges, and outcomes from their journey towards business agility. These findings will advance your agile understanding and knowledge and could accelerate your own agility plans too!

You will have a chance to learn about the professional body’s Framework for Business Agility, and e-meet other attendees – building your connections and networking opportunities.

There will be exciting sessions covering each of our awards categories. There will also be panel discussions, involving domain experts, where you will have a chance to ask any questions and take advantage of their experience and expertise.

Members can access the recordings from Agile Business Awards 2023 here to get a feel of what to expect.

Attend live to ensure the opportunity to participate in our Q&As and panel discussions. The live event is available for everyone to attend. However, the recordings will only be available to Associate and Professional members of the Agile Business Consortium. Find more information here about becoming a member.

The Agile Business Conference is free to attend. We hope you enjoy the event and take away insights and learning from the discussions between knowledge experts and organisations who have been through an agile transformation. Pay just £49 + VAT for Associate Membership and gain continuing access to the recordings from this Conference. You will also have access to recordings from previous conferences – a wealth of insights and learning!

No, you do not need to be a member to attend, this is an open event, and all are welcome. Join as a member to receive continuing access to the videos from this event, and many more.

On day one, we will of course introduce ourselves and the Agile Business Conference! Each day will consist of 20-minute stories from the organisations who have been successful in the Agile Business Awards process, plus a chance to ask questions. They will be sharing the highlights of their agile journeys. There will also be panel discussions with thought leaders, and more.

No, the live element of the conference will take place 17th-18th April 2024, over two half days, to try and maximise time zone coverage and global participation.

The organisations successful in the Agile Business Awards will be publicly announced February 2024, prior to their telling their stories during the Agile Business Conference.

Whilst the conference programme will be action-packed, you will be free to ‘network’ online using chat and to participate in open discussions during the event.

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to Agile Business Consortium members soon after the event, so members can watch on demand. If you’re not yet a member, just £49 a year for Associate membership will entitle you to access ALL OUR RESOURCES AND EVENT RECORDINGS. Click to join us.

Missed the 2023 Agile Business Awards? Members can watch on demand here

Each applicant organisation, for all award categories, goes through a rigorous application process and is assessed against the sections of the Framework for Business Agility

Each application should:

  • Describe what was achieved in each of the sections of the Framework for Business Agility
  • Provide evidence supporting the achievements within their application
Applications are then reviewed by an independent panel and informed whether they have been successful. All applicants receive a feedback report from our expert reviewers.

Each application is reviewed by three independent experts from the category applied for. Before the reviewers are sent the full submissions, organisation names are released to ensure no reviewer evaluates entries from organisations with whom they have a relationship or potential conflict.



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