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Agile Culture


“Agile Culture is about creating an environment that is underpinned by values, behaviours and practices which enables organisations and those within to be more adaptive, flexible, innovative and resilient in a complex and uncertain business world.”  Agile Business Consortium


Organisations on their Agile journey need to consider where they are in each of the 7 DNA elements, try the following approach:

AwarenessPulse – an easy to use, online survey to assess Agile Culture

Readiness Matrix – maps results from Pulse to show “where you are now” and “where next”

ActionCoaching Toolkit – an action planner allowing teams to work on the most important elements first

These tools will not be available until first quarter of 2019.


Matrix – Readiness – an Agile Culture Development model.  The results from Pulse and the Awareness Card map to the 7 elements of Agile Culture DNA through five stages of surviving, stabilising, secure, thriving and transformational.  This identifies area of strength in the team, department or organisation and also highlights areas for improvement that require immediate attention, a start point.


Development Matrix for Agile Culture


Agile Culture Awareness Cards

Agile Culture Awareness Cards – Awareness – an Agile Culture game.  A card game used with smaller groups (particularly senior teams) to explore perceptions of culture within the team, department or organisation.  Used as well as, or instead of Pulse, it delivers rich and insightful data on current awareness of Agile Culture within the study unit.  When mapped to Matrix will identify areas of strengths.



Pulse – Awareness - an Agile Culture awareness tool.  An online survey of 30 questions to establish a snap shot of organisational culture against 7 elements of Agile Culture DNA.  Can be used at team, department/function or organisational levels.  Can be used to highlight differences in perception between different groups of users eg. management and staff.


Agile Leadership Coaching Toolkit

Agile Leadership Coaching Toolkit – Action – a self-service Agile Culture Coaching Toolkit.  A team-based toolkit that uses well defined approaches to plan practical actions and outcomes to address areas identified by Pulse and Matrix.  An action planner that allows teams to work on the most important things first to ensure change is accepted and embedding within the team, department or organisation.

To find out more about using these tools, get in touch – info@agilebusiness.org


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