Sandeep Joshi - How We Can Make Sustainability Core of Business Agility and Future of Work?

Agile Business Conference 2021

11 Nov 2021

Join Sandeep as he looks at the four core values of the Manifesto for Sustainable Agile through use cases and real-life examples from enterprises and businesses.

For most businesses, sustainability is not the first-class citizen in their business strategy and growth models. With the focus on maximising outcomes, revenue, and speed, organisations tend to forget the bigger picture – their "purpose". Keeping sustainability as an "add-on" can only give suboptimal results. The bigger question is "how can we make sustainability mainstream?" and "how can we choose purpose over profit in our day-to-day activities?". In this talk, you will learn the best practices to apply to your organisation and drive your future strategy and approach to business agility transformation.