Jon and Jerome - Path to Enterprise Agility in BT

Agile Business Conference 2021

11 Nov 2021

This case study outlines the experience of transitioning one division of five thousand people from traditional ways of working to agile. 

This presentation describes the journey of the transformation team over the course of a year. From the point of introducing agile concepts to current activities to remove barriers to agility created by tradition, process, managerial attitudes, and the behaviour of people. This journey is to create a value-stream-aligned organisation with the introduction of digital infrastructure.

The transformation involves IT and non-IT agile ways of working and is ongoing, but in this presentation, we will describe:

  • How we mobilised and empowered the Transformational Leadership Team.
  • The use of Quarter Wave Planning and OKRs to target and measure progress.
  • How we used communications, communities or practice and rolled out coaching training to drive change through the middle organisational layers.

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