David and Islam - Business Resilience: How Sustainable Progress at Pace is Achieved Through Business Agility

Agile Business Conference 2021

11 Nov 2021

Join David and Islam as they present a practical guide that shows how sustainable progress at pace can be achieved through business agility.

This presentation shows participants how to make organizations more resilient and improve current practices appropriately by building on what the organizations do well. It explains how managers should constantly monitor their business environment and adapt their priorities depending on the level of disruption - from gradual innovation and improvement in good times to swarming on a single problem during a crisis.

Based on the presenters' new models for resilience and progress, this session includes frameworks and tools which can be tailored to any organization and used as stand-alone improvements or combined across teams and departments. These practices avoid unnecessary change but enable rapid and sustainable improvements in product development, service delivery, and customer value. Learn how to survive and thrive in any environment with this actionable approach to making progress at pace and effectively embedding business resilience in your organisation.


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