How Agile Communities Make Us Better Marketers

07 Nov 2022

As Agile marketers, we’re almost by definition obsessed with finding ways to improve. But while retros are great for that, they still limit us to ideas generated by our own team.

There’s a whole world of Agile marketers out there and each one of them is constantly learning and developing new ways to improve how they work. That’s why Agile communities are a fantastic way to supercharge the benefits of sharing insights in meetings like retros.

But all that is still far easier said than done. So what are the real benefits of participating in an Agile community and how can you take advantage of them?

Agile Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

The first thing to appreciate is that while there is a wide world of Agile marketing resources available, there’s simply no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to Agile for marketing. The way you implement and use Agile is going to vary widely depending on your industry, the size of your organization, and even its culture.

In many cases, this is why you might hire a coach or consultant to help tailor an Agile marketing solution for you. But while Agile coaching has many benefits, membership in a thriving Agile marketing community is another easy way to access more perspectives, ideas, and inspiration from people going through the same challenges as you.

Agile Marketing Is Always Evolving

Agile itself is built on the idea of continuous improvement, so it’s hardly surprising that the wider Agile marketing landscape is always changing. The hard part is keeping up with those changes. Typically, the only way to even attempt to keep your finger on the pulse is by subscribing to a slew of newsletters and monitoring blogs.

But frankly, that’s still not going to keep you up-to-speed on the latest ways marketers are using Agile. A dedicated community, on the other hand, is more of a one-stop shop for learning what your peers are trying, what’s working, and what you should avoid.

By evolving together and sharing our learnings, Agile marketing as a whole can improve and innovate even faster. That’s something all of us can get behind.

Communities Inspire

While Agile’s focus on providing stakeholder value goes a long way towards addressing this, marketing can still be a little thankless. That’s where a great marketing community can make all the difference. Sharing your wins and encouraging others like you is a fantastic way to get inspired, feel proud of your work, and just be a better marketer.

There’s a reason many top business professionals tout the benefits of professional communities. Everything from accessing potential mentors to just getting your name out there can help stave off the feelings of isolation or boredom that have become all too common in this new era of remote working.

Every Agile Marketer Deserves an Agile Marketing Community

Whether you’re feeling stuck and isolated or are loving Agile marketing and looking for ways to be even better, a vibrant community has a lot to offer. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about finding or even building such a community because it already exists. 

The Agile Business Consortium has a network of over 20,000 in 30 countries, so you can find professionals with the insights, experience, and perspective you need. So it’s no surprise that this vibrant professional body for business agility has launched the Agile Business Awards – a very different, very agile approach to recognizing achievements at every stage of an organization’s agile journey!

The application deadline is December 8th, so act now and be part of this inspiring community event.

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