Agile Business Awards 2023

March 22nd & 23rd, 2023 will see the first Agile Business Awards Conference! Application deadline 8th December.

Agile Business Awards 2023

Apply for the Agile Business Awards by December 8th!

Get your organisation recognised for what you’ve achieved on your agile journey so far.

Our awards are designed to reward examples of excellence in:

Excellence doesn’t mean you need to have ‘finished’ agile – after all, that goes against the whole concept! 

Rather, we are offering you the chance to gather evidence of what you’ve achieved and get written feedback from our expert reviewers – that’s right, reviewers, not judges.  

Because this isn’t a competition, it’s an opportunity to congratulate one another on how far we’ve come. 

Our mission is to advance business agility worldwide by defining, growing and uniting the profession. 

Not sure about the application process? 

Then just get in touch and we’ll be by your side to help you.

Application Milestones

Agile Business Awards 2023 application milestones

Applications are open! Complete the online form by copying in your prepared application, and submit by 8 December 22:00 GMT/UTC.

Our application guidance document is here to support your application. We advise you to work offline and to save your progress before submitting your application.

Ready to apply?

Missed our recent webinar? "What is the Agile Business Awards? ...and how to be a part of the action!"

During the webinar, Emily Ruffle, Head of Insights at the Agile Business Consortium, was joined by our Lead Reviewers, Peter Coesmans and Jason Wright, as they went through the application process and discussed the structure of the Agile Business Awards and how applying now could mean your organisation is showcased in the Awards Conference in March 2023.

Save The Dates!

8 December 22:00 GMT/UTC - Deadline date for applications to be submitted

Ready to apply?

30th January – Organisations will be informed whether they have been selected for awards and are invited to speak at the Awards Conference

7th February – Public announcement of selected organisations for each category i.e.,those that will be invited to present at the Awards Conference

22-23rd March – Agile Business Awards Conference

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