Getting started on your agile marketing journey

24 Jan 2023

The Agile Business Awards are a fantastic way for businesses to be recognised for what they’ve achieved so far on their agile journey.

Celebrating the journey is, after all, what taking an agile approach is all about. But what if you haven’t started that journey towards making your processes more agile, where do you start?

Agile marketing training transforms the business's strategy, processes, and culture. As these businesses grow and scale, they need to ensure that agile marketing ways of working are embedded to drive sustainable change. Businesses adopt agile marketing principles, mindsets, and practices to find the right balance that works for their business and supports service delivery. 

Bright’s agile marketing practitioners empower these marketing teams to learn by doing, from principles to practice, providing hands-on experience in applying agile marketing principles to real work in real-time.

The agile marketing training programme helps marketing teams master the fundamentals of agile marketing and enables them to put agile into action while having open access to a Bright mentor who will guide them through the process. 

Who knows? This time next year, your business could be nominated for the Agility in Marketing Award

What is the Agility in Marketing Award?

This award recognises an organisation’s achievements for agility in marketing. Whether your organisation uses a specific framework, a hybrid framework, or more of an overall agile mindset approach supported by a selection of tools and techniques, our reviewers would like to hear your story.

Agile Marketing is about keeping up with the speed and complexity of marketing today by adopting new ways of working.

"It's a great opportunity to be recognised for how far you've come on your journey, no matter whether you're at the start or the end, as well as what you've achieved - both of which shouldn't be overlooked."

– Zoe Merchant, Founder & Managing Director, Bright


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