Welcoming Change - Responding Mindfully

Agile20Reflect Festival

16 Feb 2021

Kathy Berkidge dives deeper into how we can welcome change, respond mindfully and develop resilience. We know change is inevitable, especially in these unprecedented times. And who knows what the future will bring? Change is the new normal.

However, change can be stressful. Change can make us anxious, feel disappointed and undermine our state of well-being. It doesn’t even have to be big, drastic change. Even small, trivial changes can be stressful.

To help us manage in these times of volitivity and constant change, we need to build resilience to cope effectively with all this stress and uncertainty. Mindfulness is one tool that helps increase resilience. Resilience isn’t some magical quality that we are either born with or not. It can be learned and developed by applying mindfulness. Mindfulness helps us to think more clearly, remain focussed and cope with change with more ease. In this session, Kathy will share her experience in applying mindfulness to be more resilient and welcome change.

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