FOCUS in the Rabobank Boardroom

Agile20Reflect Festival

25 Feb 2021

Marjolijn and Jeroen will explore the need for a FOCUS board. In this fast-changing world, organizations need to adapt quickly. It's not only the shop floor that needs to adjust but the boardroom and executives need to speed up as well. The whole organisation is on the road toward becoming a responsive organisation. But how do you do this at the executive level?

At the Dutch Rabobank, this transformation is taking place. A transformation for all people in the organisation with a shift from management leadership to personal leadership. An exemplary role and a good design to connect strategy with operation are needed to foster an agile culture through people, leadership and business. In 2018 Marjolijn and Jeroen introduced the FOCUS board in the Boardroom of Rabobank. Now more than two years later there is a lot of experience with the FOCUS board on different levels in and outside Rabobank.

This session will give you insight in the power of a FOCUS board, why to use it, how to use it, and what it is. It will also provide you with the lessons learned and the improvements we have made.

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