The Value of Agile in the Rise of AI Driven Solutions

Agile20Reflect Festival

18 Feb 2021

In this talk, Myriam Hamed Torres will be sharing insights on how Agile values, principles and practices can help teams and organisations address these challenges.

For decades, AI-solutions have been part of our day-to-day life without most of us even noticing it. Some of the big-tech firms were leading the way and created a competitive advantage over more traditional organisations. Nowadays, AI-driven solutions are pretty much a must have in order to remain in the game, however, there's still a lot of research and experimentation required in this field that make organisations and their clients nervous about introducing new products with such capabilities. So, with this in mind, how do you help an organisation create value from experiments and prototypes? How do you increase confidence among users to adopt solutions that are ""still learning"" into their complex workflows?

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