The Essence of Online Collaboration

Agile20Reflect Festival

09 Feb 2021

Online Collaboration's essence draws our attention to one aspect missed when deploying online collaborative solutions, explaining why adoption can be a challenge for so many organisations.  Have you ever wondered why so many well-funded initiatives never quite hit the mark? You might hear people say, 'oh, we have adoption challenges' or 'we have resistance to change'.

Well, those views may be correct in some instances. However, we would like to share another equally problematic aspect, and significantly, often overlooked. An Online Collaboration solution is a type of an Information System (IS). All Information Systems have three core aspects:

  1. The Process
  2. Enabling Technology
  3. The People

You can find out a vast amount about the first two aspects quite readily, but what about the third? Join us as we explore the little known method that provides both a structured and objective way to understand and manage the 3rd aspect!

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