The Agile Leadership Game

Agile20Reflect Festival

04 Feb 2021

In February 2021, we supported the Agile20Reflect Festival!
At the annual free Agile Festival, the Consortium hosted a selection of sessions.

Jeroen and Jan-Sake deliver their interactive Agile Leadership game, an organization game that can either be played in the context of an organization or cross organization.

This fun game helps managers to see where they are on their improvement journey. Society is constantly changing; organizations are also changing. Although changes are of all times, it is obvious that changes come faster and faster and opportunities and threats are increasingly unexpected. This asks for leadership which can handle these dynamics, and good healthy companies that are Agile in responding. To make this transformation, leaders have to give the right example.

The Agile Leadership Game gives insight in mindset and right shifting, inspired by the Marshall model. The Marshall model considers mindset and effectiveness in transformation from an ad-hoc or bureaucratic organization towards a more agile organization. The game initiates and facilitates discussions about what’s happening and what needs to be done. During the game attendees discuss which leaderships behaviours may or may not be effective. There is no right or wrong, as the game is a tool to start up the discussion and come to a common understanding of the current situation and agree on the next steps in the development of leadership in your organization, all while in a safe environment where everyone can enjoy themselves!

The Agile Consortium in the Netherlands created this game in 2017, and it is a nice example of what a workgroup with motivated and inspiring participants can co-create. Jan-Sake Kruis has been one of the driving forces from day one in this workgroup. He created several enhancements around this game that started as a physical board game. Today there is a digital version available which is used during this event.

Jeroen Venneman, currently chair of the board of the Agile Consortium in the Netherlands, stimulated the start-up and continues to contribute improvements to this game. Together, Jan-Sake and Jeroen share their experience with this game and the ideas for next steps. Most importantly, participants play this game with the help of a group of facilitators. We hope that you will be so enthused by the event that you choose to be part of the next steps of the evolution of this game.

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