Beyond Budgeting - the Enabler of Deep Agile Transformation

Agile20Reflect Festival

18 Feb 2021

In February 2021, we supported the Agile20Reflect Festival!
At the annual free Agile Festival, the Consortium hosted a selection of sessions.

There is a lot of talk about ‘Agile transformation’ these days but scratch the surface and what you get is often not much more than an island of Agile practice marooned in a sea of ‘business as usual’. 

This is because traditional management practice is underpinned by annual budgeting which is to agile businesses what waterfall practices are to agile project management. Budgets that impose an artificial constraint on what can be done, when, and which embody and entrench a command and control mindset.

Both kinds of traditional practice are based on the same assumptions. First, that the future is sufficiently predictable for the desired outcome and the means of getting there can be specified in detail in advance and second that because people are untrustworthy success can only be guaranteed by managing compliance to the predefined plan. And both methods fail for the same reasons and in the same ways.

In this talk learn more about how Beyond Budgeting releases the handbrake that prevents organisations becoming truly agile and how you can help break down the barriers to change.

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