Closing the Loop on Qualifications and Competence

22 Jun 2022

The Agile Business Consortium has affirmed its commitment to building professional standards across all areas of business agility by offering practising agile specialists the chance to evidence their experience and competence by certifying at Professional Levels 1-5.  

“Business agility is increasingly being recognised as a core discipline to drive customer value, productivity and innovation in organisations,” explains Katie Taylor, Chair at the Consortium. She continues, “The challenge employers face is differentiating between those with factual knowledge and those who have extensive experience and competence in the field.” 

The Agile Competency Framework developed by the Agile Business Consortium allows professionals to qualify at the following 5 levels: 

Level 1 

Professionals at level 1 are likely to be part of an agile team, or in a team working towards becoming more agile, reinforcing their knowledge via simple practical application.  

Level 2 

Professionals at level 2 may be a first-time team leader or similar, or someone taking a new position of responsibility in an agile team. 

Level 3 

Level 3 Professionals will be starting to build substantial experience applying business agility principles and practices. They will have factual, procedural and theoretical knowledge that contributes to sustaining business agility in the workplace. 

Level 4 

Level 4 Professionals will be able to use their knowledge and extensive experience to understand different perspectives and frameworks related to business agility and the reasoning behind them. They will be able to demonstrate they can successfully pass on this knowledge and understanding to others. 

Level 5 

At this level, thought leaders in the application of business agility are recognised for their expertise and as members of the wider agile community. Level 5 Professionals will have the ability to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate complex information, concepts and theories related to business agility to produce modified conceptions. 

The Agile Business Consortium believes that as the field of business agility becomes increasingly mature, it is vital for both individuals and their employers to provide evidence of practice, to show professionals have not only factual knowledge but also that they have applied their learning in practice and are continuing to develop as reflective practitioners.  

The Competency Framework for Business Agility outlines the knowledge, agile skills, business skills and personal skills that individuals need to prove practice and achieve one of the five business agility professional levels. This provides a progressive pathway for professionals to provide evidence of their knowledge and experience.  

Organisations and individual professionals interested in certifying as business agility professionals can find out more or email [email protected].


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