Beyond Budgeting – Business agility in practice. The Handelsbanken case story

10 Feb 2023

Could taking a different approach to budgeting deliver impressive results?

Beyond Budgeting is about far more than just budgets, it’s business agility in practice. Join us as Bjarte Bogsnes, Chair of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, shares one of the most well-known business agility and Beyond Budgeting legends – Handelsbanken.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Beyond Budgeting – background, philosophy and the 12 principles to help make creating realistic, effective, and focused budgets easier
  • Companies on the journey and examples of how they operate – learn from their experience and discover best practices for budgeting
  • Learn how business agility legend Handelsbanken delivered impressive results by taking a different approach to budgeting