Beyond Budgeting Reciprocal Membership

An exclusive shared membership opportunity for Beyond Budgeting members


A Reciprocal Membership Opportunity...

Welcome Beyond Budgeting members!

We are so pleased to have you as part of our thriving business agility community. The Agile Business Consortium is the professional body focusing on advancing business agility worldwide.

With a membership community of over 5,000 members, we pride ourselves on bringing together the agile community.

As a member of our partners, Beyond Budgeting, you are entitled to 20% off our Associate membership, gaining you access to all the member benefits below.



Member Benefits

  • Free access to member events
  • Access to templates and tools
  • Access to all eBooks
  • Access to APMG sample exam papers
  • 20% off our web shop and Consortium only exams (not APMG exams)
  • Admission to member forum


Already a member of the Agile Business Consortium?

We know only too well how traditional budgeting hampers business agility. Beyond Budgeting believe in positioning you to be at the forefront of accelerating business agility. As part of our ever-evolving partnership, Beyond Budgeting are delighted to offer Agile Business Consortium members a 50% discount on professional membership during 2021.

As a member we look forward to enhancing your Beyond Budgeting knowledge with an account to our website where we share events, webinars, articles, research in Beyond Budgeting, discounted events, and much more!

N.B. Member-only discount code to be applied at checkout. For any further information, contact Sophie Ilett, Administration Lead.