How to transform a Support function - Is this the end of HR, Finance and Procurement?

11 May 2023

Part 2, Get inspired by what business agility at the next stage looks like in reality and join the global movement! 

Agile has become a commodity, not only in delivery, but within innovation and leadership. Over the years the maturation of agile has created a vast range of frameworks such as Scrum@Scale, Nexus, SAFe, ‘Spotify-model’ etc. Even though we all agree that the potential end state of an agile organisation should be based on empowered cross-functional teams-of-teams, has anybody really thought about how to deal with today's support functions? 

What will commercial functions e.g. finance, procurement, sales, HR, marketing, look like in a truly agile organisation? Where and how shall we start and what are the pitfalls we need to avoid? 

Learn from 9 success stories such as Haier, a Chinese appliances company the most progressive organisation in the world, with more than 80,000 self-organised entrepreneurs  in 4,000 self-funded micro-enterprises. 

This presentation is based on the Lean Agile Procurement Alliance Whitepaper ‘The future of procurement - from function to capability’. Get inspired by the success stories from different industries at various maturity stages, giving you a survival guide for leaders!  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn from 9 success stories 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Future of Procurement whitepaper 

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