State of Agile Culture - A Deep Dive with NewsUK

With Gill from NewsUK and Vikram from JCURV

28 Jul 2022

Building on the 2nd Annual State of Agile Culture report, we invited Gill Bennet, Portfolio and Transformation Manager, at NewsUK, to share their transformational story.

NewsUK has undergone an organisational transformation, adapting to a new quarterly approach to plan work and improve collaboration across the whole business.

A massive cultural and mindset shift had to be addressed in how the organisation approached communication, collaboration, transparency, and planning. This was achieved through achieving a shift in leadership understanding, support and active involvement.

Join Gill Bennet and Vikram Jain as they dive deeper to discuss and highlight the learnings.

In collaboration with JCURV, Truthsayers, and the Agile Business Consortium.

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