Maduka Uwadi - A Model of Middle Management Roles in Agile Project Governance

Agile Business Conference 2021

09 Nov 2021

Join Maduka as he discusses his proposed model for middle managers in agile project governance, based on his ongoing PhD research.

Running agile projects and business operations requires managers to work in a way that supports the adaptive and innovative culture of the agile business. This session focuses on middle managers in agile software development projects and presents findings from a research study about the roles they take in projects. Although middle managers form an important part of the governance structure in agile projects, there has been little focus on the different roles they perform and the implications for project governance. The lack of clarity about the middle management role can have adverse effects on the performance of agile projects and teams. There is a need for a greater understanding of what good agile middle manager roles look like and what the implications are for practice.