Grant and Paddy - Winning Hearts & Minds: An Epic Storytelling Adventure

Agile Business Conference 2021

10 Nov 2021

Join Grant and Paddy for an immersive hands on session, where they will explore how visual storytelling and the art of explanation can be leveraged to amplify your digital transformation and increase the likelihood of success.

Regardless of the nature of your transformation initiative, most change practitioners agree upon one thing - successful change hinges upon the ability to win the hearts and minds of those who are involved in or impacted by the change. But what practical steps can actually be taken to achieve this? Follow our heroes on an epic journey where they will literally illustrate how visual thinking and storytelling can help you to;

  • become an inspirational leader who is able to clearly articulate the case for change,
  • foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, and
  • explain and successfully embed business change.

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