Floris de Bruin - How to Affect Sustainable Shifts in Behaviour, Culture and Mindset in Times of Uncertainty and Remote Working

Agile Business Conference 2021

10 Nov 2021

Join Floris as he explores a particularly unique case that truly exemplifies shifts in behaviour, culture and mindset whilst also embodying the agile values of collaboration, responding to change and effective leadership.

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust the business world into the unknown. Companies were forced from the standpoint of considering remote agile working as an interesting concept for the future, to an immediate necessity. Step by step, we will take you through one company's journey. Audiences can expect to gain such valuable insight as:

  • how to inspire change in change-resistant teams,
  • what a remote, multi-regional leadership team looks like,
  • why the importance of collectively building a change story cannot be overstated, and
  • much more as we guide them through a masterclass case in responding to change.

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