Adina Tarry - Future of Agile and Future of Work Shaking Hands in the Forthcoming Decades of Industry 4.0

Agile Business Conference 2021

09 Nov 2021

Join Adina as she discusses the state of the planet, technology, AI, Industry 4.0, and the future of work.

Take an integrated multidisciplinary cross-functional view of challenges and opportunities that define the future of work. Position agile philosophy, manifesto, values, principles and practices as a powerful overarching and effective approach to many future changes in work and life. Highlight the universal and transcending value of agile beyond software and industry, to the wider world of business and human systems, as an integrated eco-system. Articulate the new purpose for organisations and the way agile can continue to be instrumental in delivering this redefined direction, and collaboration focused on people, society and the planet. This presentation also positions, defines and integrates a few key concepts of organisational success, highlights the close relationship between agile and the changing aspects of the world of work and how they connect to agile principles and practices and concludes by proposing a few takeaways for delegates to use in their own thinking and practice.