Business Agility and Change Management

With Ranjit Sidhu

31 May 2019

We live in fast-moving times. This erratic pace of change can leave organisations in a state of flux, with their teams feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Traditional, programmatic approaches to change management typically dealt with stable environments and a clearly defined future outcome. The world in which we operate today has much greater uncertainty and industries are evolving so rapidly that future objectives remain vague or keep shifting.

Business agility helps organisations remain flexible and adapt quickly to changing landscapes, allowing them to tackle and overcome future challenges and make the most of emerging new opportunities.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How agile principles can help people and organisations to deal with the upheaval of disruptive change and uncertainty.
  • How change management can help embed agile behaviours and mindset to create a culture where people are ready and able to continually adapt and change – taking it in their stride.