bp: From Ambition to Action

Presentation from the Agile Business Awards Conference 2023

22 Mar 2023

Since 2020, bp has been on a journey to reimagine energy and reinvent the company, in line with its net zero and growth ambitions.

Applied sciences is the home of leading scientists who harness innovation and deliver technology solutions to support bp’s transition to net zero.

Although not initially expected to substantially adopt agile ways of working, it self-organized into an Agile Transformation Unit to discover how the agile principles and practices might best be used in an R&D context.

Despite early challenges, it is now recognised in the organisation as a successful agile operating model leading to higher levels of ownership and empowerment to manage the challenges in the journey ahead.

It is a story of passion, belief and courage that enabled 20 ATU members to influence 700 + people in the division to change their ways of working.