Agile Procurement Q&A

Agile Procurement Series: Episode 4

27 Apr 2020

John Williams, CEO of the Agile Business Consortium, talks to leading Agile Procurement experts Mirko Kleiner, Agile Coach and creator of Lean-Agile Procurement, and David Kershaw, Agile Procurement Specialist from Curshaw.

In this episode Mirko and David answer your agile procurement questions.

Here are just a few of the questions they attempted to squeeze into the 30 minutes:

Definition and Value

  • Please may I have a clear definition on what agile procurement is and what it involves?
  • Interested in: true meaning of, benefits / value of, and journey to Agile Procurement.
  • Has the Covid-19 Pandemic seen increased Agility in procurement - to improve responsiveness - or is the opposite truer generally - used as a trusty mechanism to slow down cash flow out of the organisation?

How to

  • How can I do agile procurement if I have traditional, stringent, yearly, budgeting processes and cycles in place?


  • What do you find most difficult about adopting and implementing Agile procurement?
  • How can procurement functions better align themselves to the agile ways of working that our stakeholders follow, in a world where our profession is driven heavily by waterfall processes?
  • Is there any procurement method other than time and material (which some customers despise) that one can use for Agile project delivery? Is a fixed price procurement model irreconcilable with an Agile approach?

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