Vodafone UK Digital: A Blooming Success! Cultivating Vodafone's Agile Garden

Presentation from the Agile Business Conference 2024

19 Apr 2024

In the pre-pandemic landscape, Vodafone's Business Marketing garden was neglected with wilting Agile spirits.
Led by a dual Product Owner and Scrum Master, a resilient team saw green shoots of change and embraced Agile principles whilst cultivating camaraderie. Surprisingly, the pandemic became fertile ground for innovative ways of working that began to foster deeper roots of trust. Further team challenges saw the team rise further, cultivating stakeholder bonds working together with Agile gardeners to make this team a blooming success.

  1. Sowing seeds in barren soil
  2. Nurturing the green shoots of growth
  3. Harvesting the fruits of a new way of working



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