Allianz Türkiye: Agile@scale: unleashing hyper-productive teams in the organisation

Presentation from the Agile Business Conference 2024

19 Apr 2024

Value Creating: Integrating Cross-Functional Skills into a Team

Culture Shift: Leading Adaptation to New Cultures

How to Accelerate and Sustain Change: Key Catalyst Roles

In today's swiftly evolving business landscape, agility transcends mere methodology—it's a critical component for staying ahead. At Allianz Turkey, we've witnessed the remarkable outcomes when a diversity of talents and competencies converge, centering on customer value, accelerating the launch speed of products and services, enhancing productivity, and fostering a collaborative work culture that strengthens team spirit.

What's the secret? Agile@Scale. This approach breaks through traditional confines, creating a vibrant space where teams excel and deliver extraordinary results.



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