White Paper: Providing Agility to your Programmes

Providing Agility to your Programmes

This paper reviews both Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and AgilePgM approaches. It seeks to consider, at a high level, the elements of each approach that are similar and highlight the added benefits that are introduced with the AgilePgM approach.

The paper is not a substitute to wider knowledge of both approaches, and readers are recommended to refer to the full APMG/DSDM Consortium handbooks should they desire further knowledge on either of the methodologies.

The paper highlights that whilst there are similarities between the methodologies, the new AgilePgM approach expands on the culture change and mind-set that Agile Project Management techniques has introduced to organisations to introduce these at programme level. It has also been structured such that it is a suitable mind-set for a range of programmes enabling agility to be enhanced in all your programmes and not just in a software development environment.


Increasingly in the current climate Programme Managers are being asked to deliver a range of projects, often combined with transformational change. There can also be the challenge faced by some organisations over the confusion between Programmes, Projects and operational process improvements.

There are a number of recognized frameworks that organisations can make use of to help them manage their Programmes one of which is Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). This has been in existence since 1999, with the current edition (fourth) since 2011. The APMG in association with the DSDM Consortium have also recently (2014) introduced a new approach to Programme Management, designed to complement the Agile Project Management approach. This builds upon the Agile Manifesto which has been in existence since 2001, scaling the agile methods to meet enterprise requirements.

This paper is going to look at both of these, to consider why the Agile Programme Management approach has been introduced, and to highlight the benefits to your organization of bringing agility into your programmes irrespective of the methodology used to oversee them.

Whilst the paper will introduce some of the key principles of both methodologies, it does not aim to provide a full summary of each. To read more on them it is recommended that the official APMG/DSDM Consortium handbooks are referred to, or training courses attended.

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Jude Paterson

Jude Paterson

Director / Agile Trainer, IT-Howzat

Jude helps individuals & organisations re-focus to deliver business agility. An experienced Consultant and Trainer, she has worked with a wide range of organisations to enable them to adapt their ways of working to re-focus on delivering their business with increased agility. Drawing on a wide range of agile and continuous improvement approaches Jude supports teams around the globe through training courses and workshops, and also via tailored consultancy and coaching.




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