White Paper: Leadership Agility - From Expert to Catalyst

Leadership Agility: From Expert to Catalyst

As a manager, no one needs to remind you that we live in a global economy that constantly bombards us with change and complexity.

Every year, new technologies, markets, and competitors emerge at an ever-increasing pace. As change accelerates, so do novelty and uncertainty. Future threats and opportunities become harder to predict. We also live in an increasingly complex, interconnected world, where quality attention to internal and external customers, strategic allies, and other stakeholders is essential for business success.

The need for agility

While specific future developments are increasingly difficult to predict, there are two deep trends we can predict with great certainty: The pace of change will continue to increase, and the level of complexity and interdependence will continue to grow. In this new era, companies need to be “agile” — able to anticipate and respond rapidly to changing conditions by leveraging highly productive internal and external relationships.

To enjoy sustained success, companies need to develop a level of agility that matches the accelerating pace of change and expanding complexity in their business environment. Yet, for the vast majority of companies, full-fledged strategic and operational agility is still more an aspiration than a reality.

One of the major reasons for this continuing “agility gap” is the need to develop more agile leaders. To have teams and organizations that have the agility demanded by today’s turbulent environment, companies need leaders who embody a corresponding level of agility.

It’s no wonder, then, that senior executives have ranked agility among the most critical leadership capabilities needed today. What is leadership agility? In essence, it’s the ability to lead effectively under conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity. Because these powerful trends affect all managerial levels, this is a capability that’s increasingly needed not just in the executive suite but throughout the organization.

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Bill Joiner

Bill Joiner

Global Thought-Leader on Leadership Agility, ChangeWise

Bill is CEO of ChangeWise, a forward-looking consulting firm focusing on leadership, team, and organizational agility. He is also the co-author of the award-winning book, Leadership Agility - and numerous articles on the topic. He has over 30 years experience completing successful organizational change, senior team development, leadership development, and executive coaching projects for companies in a wide variety of industries. Many high-profile clients, including companies of all sizes.


ChangeWise is a Boston-based leadership and organization development firm with an extensive network of global affiliates which allows us to flexibly scale client projects. We have a 30+ year track record helping leaders and their organizations design and expedite important changes, while improving their capacity to lead future change. We provide consulting, coaching, training, and facilitation services that assist leaders in developing agile executive teams and leadership cultures, creating breakthrough business and operational strategies, rapidly redesigning business processes, and developing cadres of high-potential leaders.


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