Agile Business Awards 2023 - Virtual Conference

Wednesday 22nd March 13:00-18:00 UTC | Thursday 23rd March 08:00-13:30 UTC


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FAQ for Applicants

Applying for next year:

Registration for 2024 isn’t yet open, but please express your interest here and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Last year this was 8th December 2022 but this hasn’t yet been confirmed, it’s likely to be around a similar time.

Organisations selected for awards will be contacted around two months prior to our Award’s Conference 2024 although this date hasn’t been confirmed yet; this year it was the week commencing 30th January 2023 where all our successful applicants were invited to speak at the Awards Conference.

The Agile Business Awards Conference will combine live and recorded sessions as needed to account for the variance in time-zones.

  • Organisations intentionally aligning to agile principles, values and practices in HR, Marketing, Finance or Overall Business Agility
  • Membership of, or affiliation to, the Agile Business Consortium is not required 
  • Organisations also entering other categories of these awards 
  • Organisations may nominate themselves or others to enter

  • Organisations sponsoring the awards are not eligible to enter, although they can nominate others
  • Third parties representing an organisation are not permitted 

The organisation will be awarded the recognition for excellence. There are currently no categories exclusively dedicated to individual excellence, although this can be covered in an organisation’s entry.

The assessment will be based upon the Framework for Business Agility (FBA) and relevant Manifesto and principles for each awards categories. The application therefore has to: 

  • Describe what has been achieved in the areas of the FBA
  • Provide evidence (including screen-grabs, verbatim quotes, pictures) which can be uploaded to support the story 

A badge, certificate and kudos will be awarded along with the recognition. This is a great opportunity to receive public recognition and publicity around your achievements. There is no cash prize. 

There are four awards categories this year, and we were aiming for three organisations to be awarded in each category: 

  1. Agility in Finance – includes Procurement​
  2. Agility in HR​ 
  3. Agility in Marketing​
  4. Overall Business Agility

Currently, we haven’t made any final decisions on which award’s we’ll be offering. Please register your interest and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

We aim to select at least 3 examples of excellence within each category – there will be no winners or runners up.

Every entry will be reviewed by three independent reviewers. Each reviewer will be given a list of applicant names, before submissions are sent to them, to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Yes, these awards are designed to shine a light on great practices within functional divisions as well as overall business agility.

The overall list of reviewers for each category will be made public after all submissions have been received. This is to ensure people are not applying based on who is doing the score sheet.

Just know they are knowledge experts in that field, and you will want to impress them!

No, I’m afraid not. We would like to stay as inclusive as possible so choosing a location is always difficult! Virtually, we can reach you all, without the stress of travelling!

If you would like to opt into a physical meet, please let us know and we can consider this for the future.


FAQ for Reviewers and Sponsors 

You can raise your professional profile with the reignition of making a positive contribution to advancing business agility. You will have loads of learnings on offer both from the entries themselves and the discussions with other on the reviewing panel. You may have the opportunity to host sessions during the live event should you wish too.

As the professional body for business agility, we know it’s not all about qualifications! As a reviewer, it’s important you have strong experience in the category you’re looking to review and a deep understanding of agile and business agility.

No due to conflict of interest, you are unable to apply and review.

Before receiving applications for review, you will be sent a list of applicant organisation names. This is so that no reviewer will evaluate entries from organisations with whom they have a relationship or potential conflict. Please let us know if this applies once you have received that list.

Register your interest and we’ll be sure to send you updates when dates are finalised!

You will find out whether you were a successful reviewer sometime in November when we have finalised the review panel. Please note, if you are not successful there will be other ways you can contribute to our awards conference.

Currently we don’t have any dates finalised, however; this year, the reviewers were sent their applications at the beginning of January, and had 3 weeks to review them; if you commit, please bare this time scale in mind.

It will depend on the number of applications we receive and the number of reviewers we have on the review panel, I am afraid we cannot be specific at this time.


FAQs for Sponsors 

Be part of the action when your organisation sponsors an award. This is a great opportunity to align your brand with excellence for a selected awards category.

We’re looking for organisations whose values are aligned with the awards category they’re sponsoring. We’re looking for your support to advance business agility worldwide, by highlighting examples of excellence.

Sponsorship isn’t a commercial relationship for these awards, but it is a commitment to get involved and support.

We will showcase your logo and Bio and there will be opportunities for you to get involved in interviews, blogs and more.

As a not-for-profit professional body, our aim is to advance business agility worldwide. For this reason, sponsorship is not a commercial relationship for these awards, but is a commitment to get involved and support. We are looking for our sponsors to make a positive contribution to the creation of a successful awards conference – one that both advances and celebrates business agility worldwide.

We are asking sponsors to support the awards in the following ways: (Please select 3 or more when applying)

  • Write/contribute a thought leader blog
  • Take part in an Interview/Podcast
  • Provide a 1 minute/30sec video clip on why these awards are important for advancing business agility worldwide
  • Support social posts for the hashtag #agilebusinessawards
  • Create your own social posts in support of the awards
  • Attend the awards
  • Offer to host sessions at the awards (hosts will be selected according to experience and availability of spaces. There is no guarantee all sponsors will host sessions.)

What details would you need if we were sponsoring?

  • Company Name:
  • 50 Word Company Description:
  • Main contact name and email:
  • Web URL:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Social Tags & Handles
  • Your logo will appear on the landing page for the award you’re sponsoring (each award will have a dedicated landing page once we get nearer to the event)
  • You will have a 50 word company profile on our website as an awards sponsor
  • You will be mentioned in social media as a sponsor of the award
  • You will have the opportunity to take part as a session host in the awards conference itself (should you wish to do so)

Register your interest and we’ll be sure to send you updates when dates are released.

Due to the potential conflict of interest you would not be able to sponsor an award you have applied for.




Agile Business Awards 2023 - Virtual Conference

Wednesday 22nd March 13:00-18:00 UTC | Thursday 23rd March 08:00-13:30 UTC

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