Professional Level 1

Starting - Factual Knowledge


What is Agile Business Professional Level 1?

A recognised approach to start your business agility journey. A way to learn the basics of business agility and then reflect on how to use your new skills in practice. Be part of a growing community that shares, learns, and grows together.

At this level you will be at the start of your professional journey. You will probably be part of an agile team, or in a team working towards becoming more agile, reinforcing your knowledge via simple practical application. You will have a basic factual knowledge of business agility, and be using agile techniques to deal with simple problems.



Who is Agile Business Professional Level 1 for?

  • Anyone working in an organisation of any size, sector, or industry.
  • Those new to business agility with some work-based and/or team-based experience.
  • Anyone struggling with the complexities of team working.


Why gain recognition at Agile Business Professional Level 1?

1) It proves to your employer or potential employer that you have a good foundation of practical experience as well as knowledge of business agility.
2) It connects you to a support network of like-minded professionals.
3) It gives you everything you need to continually improve and grow as an individual.

Achieving this competency level will allow you to:

  • Show basic factual knowledge.
  • Address simple work-based problems.
  • Carry out routine activities in an agile environment.
  • Communicate effectively in teams and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Work ethically to organisational standards related to business agility.
  • Comply with relevant health and safety and security practices.


How do I gain recognition?

To be recognised at this level by the Agile Business Consortium, you will need to be able to provide evidence of practice across the Level 1 competencies. For example, as part of your personal development you will submit a 700 word reflective commentary on your own practice to include how you have gained business agility knowledge, how you use agile techniques in your work and how you collaborate with other stakeholders.

In order to move on from Level 1 to Level 2 you need to gain further knowledge across some aspect of Business Agility and apply that knowledge in practice. Please remember that maintaining your membership includes following the Agile Business Consortium’s Continuing Professional Development Policy.



I'm ready! What do I do?


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1. Subscribe 

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2. Apply 

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3. Get Approved 


1. Subscribe as a Professional Member

Welcome to pending Professional Membership, with access to Professional-level benefits for a limited time. You must complete your application for Agile Business Level within 28 days, or you will be reverted to Associate Membership.

Please remember that maintaining your membership includes following the Agile Business Consortium’s Code of Practice and Continuing Professional Development Policy.

2. Apply by completing your professional application

Complete the professional application form where you will need to provide a 700 word self-reflective commentary to show your breadth of experience in practice. Knowledge can be gained in the workplace or through a qualification that included business agility concepts.

Please contact us if you would like some informal guidance about how best to do this in your personal circumstances.

Download your application form here or contact us if you need an alternative format.


3. Get approved and receive digital verification of Agile Business Professional Level 1

Once your application is approved you will receive a digital verification of Agile Business Professional Level 1 that you can share. You will also now receive full access to the benefits of Professional Membership.



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