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Career advancement isn't only about qualifications. Your skills are built through experience, and that's what feeds into your overall competence to do a great job!


We help you provide clear evidence, not just of your knowledge but also how you've applied your knowledge through your career. You'll be part of a growing community of like-minded professionals, with access to a wide range of tools, resources, and events. You'll also be able to connect with peers to share both challenges and successes, giving you invaluable support as you progress and grow.



Business Agility Professional Level 1

Starting - Factual Knowledge

Business Agility Professional Level 2

Practicing - Understanding & Using

Business Agility Professional Level 3

Advancing - Application in Context



Agile Business Professional Level 4

Specialising - Contextually Helping Others


Agile Business Professional Level 5

Expert - Universal Synthesis



Agile Business Awards 2023 - Virtual Conference

Wednesday 22nd March 13:00-18:00 UTC | Thursday 23rd March 08:00-13:30 UTC

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