Quarterly Professional Masterclass - Inner Game, the key to making agile agile

Join Alistair Corrie and Jeffrey Lipsius for an immersive workshop that’s inspired by Tim Gallwey’s 'Inner Game’ coaching methodology. In this session our goal is learning how to become agile without being taught agile.  

Participate in two exercises designed to show you how naturally agile you were as a child, and how to remember the Key Elements of Business Agility by removing interferences to learning. 

Learning objectives 

  • Identify and eliminate obstacles to continuous agility 
  • Improve any skillset in a more agile way that’s also more sustainable and fun! 

Level: 2-3

Masterclasses are 2-hour workshops, designed for Professional Level members to hear from experts in business agility, share their own experiences and network in breakout groups. We source experts to discuss topics that Professional Level members are interested in, so please email [email protected] if you’d like to make a request. We also choose speakers based on our Competency Framework, to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that helps you take your practice to the next level. 

Learning objectives 

Masterclasses are designed to provide CPD that you can apply to your practice. Instead of passive learning, attendees are encouraged to get involved with discussion, share ideas and collect suggestions on handling the challenges of agile practices. Small breakout groups provide a space to problem-solve issues less publicly, with a group of people who understand agility.    

Alistair Corrie

Alistair Corrie

Chartered Accountant, Agile Professional and Consultant , Corrie Partnerships

Alistair is a Professional Member of the Agile Business Consortium (Catalyst) and a Qualified Chartered Accountant (FCA). He has a keen interest in emotionally intelligent leadership, the neuroscience of problem solving, the psychology of human motivation, and the Inner Game approach to performance. Alistair is a hands-on agile consultant with extensive experience in business transformation and agile product delivery. He helps leaders and teams bridge the gap between traditional and agile thinking. He believes that governance is built into Agile, and that Agile is the Trojan Horse for delivering positive change in an organisation, and that Finance and HR can be the Trojan Horses for delivering that Agility by stealth. 

[email protected]
Jeffrey Lipsius

Jeffrey Lipsius

Director and Author, The Inner Game School of Sales Leadership™️

Jeffrey Lipsius is the Director of The Inner Game School of Sales Leadership™️ and author of the award winning book, Selling To The Point. He’s been certified by Timothy Gallwey as an Inner Game facilitator and coach. For the past 30 Jeffrey worked directly with Timothy Gallwey to develop an Inner Game approach for sales leadership. The application of Inner Game for sales leadership is one of the few Inner Game applications officially recognized by Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game school.  Jeffrey and Tim train sales forces together world-wide to achieve peak selling performance.