AgilePM for Scrum training course and certification

We are excited to offer Professional Members of the Agile Business Consortium the opportunity to participate in a FREE 3-day ONLINE training event (worth over £1500) for our NEW AgilePM for Scrum Foundation course and certification

Please note: To access this training, there's an upfront £100 admin fee, which will be refunded after completing the exam and feedback. You must have submitted your professional application to be eligible for this refund.



AgilePM for Scrum Foundation course and certification

What to expect?

Day 1 (Online) - Scrum Foundation: 

In order for the customisation of AgilePM to work correctly with Scrum, it is important to have a full understanding of Scrum that precisely matches the Scrum Guide 2020 – the latest version of the guide that has been updated to work as well with non-software-related product development as it does in an IT context. Day 1 of this course covers:

  • A gentle introduction to Scrum by reference to a case study about Dutch Railways 
  • The origins of Scrum – including an explanation of why and how Jeff Sutherland evolved it in the way he did 
  • The broader context of Agility, its origins in the world of software and broader applicability to the world of business 
  • The importance and practicality of empiricism – one of the fundamental underpinnings of Scrum 
  • Scrum values and workflow concepts, including Iterative Development and Incremental Delivery 
  • The Scrum Team – accountabilities of the key players 
  • The Scrum Events – planning, executing and continually self-improving team competence with working in Sprints  
  • The Scrum Artefacts – The evolution of your product from a Product Goal to valuable, delivered product 
  • A brief introduction to User Stories – the agile world’s favourite way of capturing and communicating user needs 

The final part of the day is spent playing Agile Business Products’ brand new Scrum Game – an engaging and fun way to bring together the key learning points from the day. 


Days 2 and 3 (Online) - AgilePM for Scrum: 

Two days with a more holistic focus that goes beyond the excellence of Scrum for product development into the area of wider business considerations associated with ensuring that the product genuinely delivers its intended value and answering questions like “So Scrum starts by taking the most valuable items from the Product Backlog and turning it into a valuable product, but where does the product backlog come from?  And why?” and “What about budgets? and business cases? and deadlines? and stakeholders? and legal compliance? and corporate standards? and…? and…? and…?   This is the home of AgilePM – the worlds longest established Agile approach to leading (rather than managing) projects. 

These two days cover: 

  • Business Agility – the antidote to our VUCA world – one characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity 
  • Understanding the difference between product development and project management 
  • Agile Philosophy and, ethos and the 4 Project Variables of time, cost, quality and scope of what is delivered 
  • The 8 Principles of AgilePM – grounded in common sense and pragmatism 
  • Valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools in an agile project context 
  • Embracing collaboration and communication to turbo-charge the effectiveness of project teams 
  • Harnessing the concepts of transparency of Process and Progress to demonstrate that a project is under control 
  • The AgilePM Project Lifecycle Framework – from a business innovation concept to realising business value  
  • Digging deeper into the use of User Stories as a means of evolving and managing business and user requirements through the project lifecycle 
  • Estimating and prioritising the work of the project to optimise return on investment – putting the business in the driving seat with MoSCoW prioritisation 
  • Governance, Compliance and the AgilePM Products 
  • Project planning and Control – with true agility. Make project manager ‘command and control’ part of history 
  • Tailoring of the project approach to deal with risk  

The course will be held ONLINE over three full days approx. 9am-5pm GMT (UTC) with lunch break, exact timing will be confirmed shortly. 

 Meet the Authors and Trainers 

Andrew Craddock

Andrew Craddock

Product Architecture Lead, Agile Business Consortium

Andrew has been working with agile methods since 1997 and, as a consultant, trainer and coach, helping individuals and organisations adopt agile ways of working, since 2001. He has been a director of the Consortium since 2003 primarily helping shape and integrate our methods and frameworks for most of that time. Having spent a productive year as Chair – a year focused on initiating the consortiums journey to becoming a globally relevant professional body for business agility professionals – Andrew is pleased to be readjusting his focus back to the methodology aspect of consortium business as the Product Architecture Lead.

Agile Business Consortium

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