Agile Business Conference 2024

Agile Business Conference 

Wednesday 17th April  | Thursday 18th April 

The Agile Business Conference is changing the world of work! 

On Wednesday 17th April, and Thursday 18th April, speakers from the Agile Business Awards 2024 will be sharing 20-minute stories on their organisation’s journeys to business agility.  

Learn from those who have already trodden the path! Be part of this interactive conference experience to find out what’s really happening in the world of business agility.  

Benefits of attending: 

  • Real stories from organisations whose practices have been validated by independent panels of experts 
  • A chance to get answers to common challenges 
  • Learn more about agility for finance or marketing 
  • Find out how culture, governance, and leadership impact agility 
  • Bring your questions and ask those who are advancing business agility 
  • There is no charge to attend – this is an inclusive event that is open to all 
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