DSDM Agile Trainer-Coach

Submission deadline:

Location: London


The DSDM Secretariat holds a list of Certified DSDM Coach-Trainers. 

All DSDM Trainer-Coaches must have previously passed Level 3 - the DSDM Agile Professional certification (previously called Advanced Practitioner) -  which will have demonstrated their personal experience of DSDM / Agile and their basic understanding of DSDM theory and its practical application.

Applicants are also expected to have practical experience of putting across DSDM theory, using both a training style and a coaching style, and ensuring the desired understanding has been achieved.

  • Training style is typically presenting a DSDM concept, ensuring the desired understanding is achieved.
  • Coaching style is typically responding to a specific problem situation, identifying and then sharing knowledge on how DSDM can be used to address the problem.

For further details please contact info@agilebusiness.org