The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting

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Designed for the pocket, not the bookshelf, to be read “on the go” and shared with colleagues, this small guidebook is the distillation of nearly twenty years of practice and research by the author.

It is difficult to think of a business process that is as widely unpopular, dysfunctional and discredited as traditional budgeting, yet businesses carry on doing it because they believe that “there is no alternative”.

But there is - yet over a decade after the creation of the Beyond Budgeting movement, many business people are unaware of its existence. And many of those that have heard of it find the Beyond Budgeting ideas difficult to grasp because of the way that they have been conditioned to think about the process of management. By filling in these gaps in awareness and understanding it helps to promote intelligent conversations and informed choices about the way businesses are run. 

These ideas are never more relevant than now, as practitioners in Agile methods and other strands of organisational innovation struggle to spread their ideas in organisations that are hamstrung by top down bureaucratic management methods anchored on traditional budgeting.


Dr Steve Morlidge

Steve has 30 years’ practical experience in designing and running performance management systems in Unilever. A former chairman of the European Beyond Budgeting Round Table, he now works as a management thinker, writer and speaker.

He published Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting in 2010, and The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting in 2017. He is on the editorial board of Foresight and is also a cofounder of CatchBull, a supplier of cutting-edge forecasting performance management software.

Steve is a visiting fellow at Cranfield University, and has a PhD from Hull Business School. He completed his BA with honors, and he is a qualified management accountant (CIMA).

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